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Safeguard your Yollars with the network's official bank, simplifying your transactions and enhancing financial security.

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You're plugged right into the economy with direct access to features like Transactions, Investments and Loans straight from the source.

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Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your money from multiple platforms, including our app, website, and even through social media. Plus, you can withdraw physical funds at any time, granting you unrestricted control over your finances.

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Frequently asked general questions

How do I create an account?

Just       and authorize your account. You'll be able to log into your Yank account using your yEAh account.

Visit the quick transfer page and enter the amount you want to transfer and the account to move the funds to.

The best ways to earn Yollars are by investing, selling products, and completing tasks on the Network.

The value of Yollars fluctuate depending on the state of the economy. Visit The Exchange for more information.

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Customer feedback

The network's economy revolves around this bank, and that's why I trust it. Easy, secure, and adaptable.




This bank truly powers the entire network. It's where I feel in control, wherever I am.




No fees and access on every platform? It's like banking was reinvented just for us. Thank you!




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